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Ten Movies Related to Colorado

Colorado is one of the best states in the US to live. Colorado is known for its scenic views that have favored its tourism sector. Moreover, Colorado is home to many moneymaking activities like filmmaking. Over the years, various casts have settled on Colorado as the location for their video shootings. Some of the movies are those we have associated ourselves with whereas some are our most favorite. The list below demonstrates some of the films that immortalize Colorado:

  1. Furious 7

This film was cast in 2015 at the Pikes Peak Mountain of the Woodlands Park. Furious 7 marks the end and tribute to film actor Paul Walker. The movie features famous actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham. Due to the demise of Walker, his brothers step in to help achieve completion of this part of the Fast and Sequel. The story revolves around the successes of both Walker and Diesel’s successes in the Tokyo Drift and a return to the US which exposes them to more threats to lives, families, and friends from past adversaries.

  • Hateful Eight

This movie features movie magnate Quentin Tarantino. The film was cast in 2015 in the San Juan Mountain regions, on the South of Montrose. The Hateful Eight is one of the movies that display the Beauty of the State of Colorado. The film circles around the cast stack in one place as they wait for a blizzard to pass. The images provide viewers also portrays the unique features of the hell you ride state or Telluride.

  • Lone Ranger

Famous film Lone Ranger of 2013 was captured in Creede, Colorado. The casts film stars silver-screen stars, Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp. The film talks about Reid and Tonto work together to nail down Butch Cavendish. The movie in Creede portrays the dryness and wasteland characteristics.

  • An American Terror

This film was cast in the Denver, Colorado. The video talks about a group of people who were harshly handled and bullied. The friends come up with ways of seeking revenge against bullies. In the process, the group ends up in a torture trap owned by a lunatic. In a quest to save themselves from the chains of a mad person, the friends have to devise ways of getting themselves out for survival.

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This movie makes it to the films of Colorado.  This movie was cast in 1989. Famous actor Indiana Jones takes part in an adventure in Colorado in search of a Holy Grail will the help of his father, Sean Connery. The two take part in the fight for Nazi’s and many adversaries. The battles in the process exhibit the exquisites appearances of Colorado state. The areas captured include Alamosa, Cortez and Pagosa Springs.

  • Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

This film cast in Durango in 1969. Durango is known as a tourist attraction by most as Durango and Silverton Railway. The movie occurs in the various parts of Colorado. Famous actors Paul Newman and Robert Redford did the film. The film was set high above the Animas River that Redford as Sundance accepts his weakness of not being able to swim.

  • The True Grit

John Wayne plays the main character as US Marshall Rooster Cogburn. Wayne fights criminals in the town. The scenes of this 1969 film especially the courtrooms take place in the cities of Montrose and Ouray.

  • Cop Car

Cast in 2015, the Cop Car is captured in the Colorado Springs. The film revolves about the Sheriff of a small town that goes out to find the kind that disappears during a fun ride. The film captures good actors She Whigham, Kevin Bacon, and Camryn Manheim.

  • Outwest

The film cast in Colorado Town in 2014. In this film, actress, Prissy Alcott returns homes to rescue her family after discovering that it was broken down. Prissy uses the help of three gay friends and wit to convert the family home into a dude ranch to raise revenue to save the family from losing their home.

  1. Table 47

This film was captured in Castle Rock, Greenwood Village and Franktown in Colorado in 2015. The film was written by Michael Brody and directed by Jeff Kingery. This film is also the first feature of the Double Play Films. The film revolves around a bar owner that falls in love with a married woman. The woman is married to an abusive husband. On planning to murder the violent husband, the woman realizes that the aggression has been as a result of the frustrations that have resulted from a con that threatens them.

The above makeup for the list of the ten famous movies filmed in Colorado. The videos continue to portray the beauty of the town of Colorado.